This day will be filled with panels featuring customers who are mastering digital commerce in their organization through content and adoption, roundtables to learn from your peers, and hands-on workshops with our experts to take full advantage of powerful features you can apply immediately.


We are breaking down the content into two tracks to really capture where you are at on your journey with Salsify.  

Building a Single source of truth

In the ever-changing commerce landscape you must build a robust data pipeline that includes a centralized repository of content and information that is updated, referenced, and used by your entire organization. This track will take you through the end-to-end best practices for building and maintaining a data pipeline that will scale with your business.

OPtimize for the performance

Commerce is being rocked by digital transformation. Your business processes and systems must move quickly to evolve with customer needs and market dynamics, or risk losing out to competitors. This track is designed for ecommerce leaders who are championing the journey toward digital transformation in their business.


 Speakers will be added soon, check back often for updates.