Full Name
Andrea Leigh
VP, Client Services
Speaker Bio
Andrea K. Leigh is a thought leader on all things Amazon and eCommerce. She consults regularly with Fortune 500 companies, gives corporate trainings on how to work effectively with Amazon, and writes articles covering Amazon and eCommerce. She is a regular speaker at conferences and a frequent webinar and podcast guest. She is also the VP of Client Services at Ideoclick, an Amazon Managed Services Agency that provides strategy, software-driven AMS management, content development, FBA/Hybrid support, catalog services, and a reporting platform for over 250 manufacturers and sellers on Amazon. As a 10-year former Category Leader (GM) at Amazon, she led large teams across 15 different product categories, most notably in Consumables and AmazonFresh. She negotiated with 10s of thousands of brands and hired hundreds of Vendor and Instock Managers.
Andrea Leigh